What I Learned from 3 Days Without my Phone

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Up until two years ago, I had my Windows Phone 7, and I loved it. All I ever did was use my phone for calling and the occasional texting of a friend or family member. Fast forward a couple years and my phone has become the center of my world. I use it for business, for personal and darn it if I’m not still addicted to Bejewelled while on an airplane.

This past weekend, I was unfortunate to send my phone on a mini vacation in Newark International Airport during a layover from a red-eye flight that night. This is where our story begins.

After realizing that I had set my phone down about 25 minutes prior, I opened up my laptop and did the “Find my phone”. For people like me, seriously the best. app. ever! I am surprised that someone didn’t turn me into security as the weird lady racing back through to the other side of the airport with my laptop opened, in-hand trying to track down my phone on the map in the terminal.

Noticing that my phone hadn’t moved, but funny, seemed not to be anywhere I left it, I went to the closest Customer Service Desk. Of course, no one had turned it in. Keep looking. At this point, I am frantic knowing I have my second flight in just over an hour on the other side of the terminal. Eventually, thanks to the pinging sound feature when my phone was on silent mode, I found my phone…in the black locked drop box right in front of the Customer Service Desk! Ever had the feeling you were so close and yet so far? Yeah, that’s me.

Apparently, only a couple people have access to those lovely black boxes of doom and they don’t come in till the night shift. Of course that doesn’t help me at 6 am in a terminal. Sadly, I was forced to board my flight and leave my info with the Customer Service Desk and then fill out the claim online with the airline. Good news, airline did mail my phone and it should arrive in the next few days.

I hadn’t realized how much I depended on my phone until I was forced to not have one for a few days. The following are some of my lessons learned:

  1. When you lose an item, the airline requires a phone number to call you when they find it. My cell was my only number.   Trying to explain to my mother why they are calling her across the country through a Facebook post is a story in itself.
  2. Withdrawals….I have become accustomed to being able  to answer work emails at the drop of a hat at all times of day or night through my phone. Not having it on my seriously gave me anxiety about if I was missing something or what was happening.
  3. Work calls – This became super interesting. Let’s just say that Skype calling became my new best friend for a few days although trying to use the Skype keypad to enter in conference call IDs does NOT work well. the touchscreen doesn’t understand the numbers all the time.
  4. Trying to order lunch from my ONLY delivery place near my house. Sure, you can order online, but they call to get the CC number for your order. Dang it. 3 days without sushi!
  5. I got more sleep. I was able to sleep longer and better without the ping of a new message or email.
  6. I stopped working at 7pm. Without my phone, I noticed I was more likely to step away from my computer and shut down for the night.

I am glad to have my communication channel back, but I have learned that I can live without it and that for my own health, sometimes, it’s good to have a break for a few days.

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