Free Microsoft Communication Site Axure Library v1

As a designer and SharePoint developer working in the Office 365 and Branding space, I am often tasked with making a ton of wireframes and mock ups for clients about what their sites will look like once themes, webparts and content will be places on the pages.

As a donation to the community, I have started an Axure Library of Office365 Communication Site webparts and features. I will continue building out the library as more functionality is added.  I plan to also create the library in InDesign and Balsamiq as time permits.

In the meantime, the current package includes the following webparts and features:

  • Communication Site Header
    Hero WebPart configurations for Full Width and Single Column layouts

    • Tiles Layouts
    • Layers Layout with and without Topic option
  • People WebPart
  • News
  • Events
  • Quick Links

I have included the responsive views for these webparts. This is a free community project to help others. If you are interested in helping with the project, please leave a comment or email me for details.

Download the MSFT Community Site Axure Library



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