2 posts from day 01/09/2017

What I Learned from 3 Days Without my Phone

phone image
Up until two years ago, I had my Windows Phone 7, and I loved it. All I ever did was use my phone for calling and the occasional texting of a friend or family member. Fast forward a couple years and my phone has become the center of my world. I use it for business, for personal and darn it if I’m not still addicted to Bejewelled while on an airplane. This past weekend, I was unfortunate to send my phone on a mini vacation in Newark International Airport during a layover from a red-eye ...

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Introducing the New Group Calendar WebPart in Modern SharePoint

Group Calendar Image
Microsoft is in the midst of rolling out the new Group Calendar WebPart to all tenants where all users are in First Release. The Group Calendar showed up in mine today and I would like to show you a quick example of how to use it. The Group Calendar WebPart allows us to surface events and items that are stored in our Group Outlook Calendar in Office365. The Group Calendar Webpart can be placed on Communication Sites and Modern Team Sites. The new UI has a great interface that allows us to ...

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