3 posts from day 28/08/2017

How to Create a Survey using Microsoft Forms

Microsoft has released the Forms application to the general audience of users. When originally released to preview, it had only been available to the education sector. In the video below, I review how to create a simple survey using Microsoft Forms. Enjoy! How to Create a Simple Survey using Microsoft Forms

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Skype Translation – One of my new favorite features

I have clients and colleagues throughout the world. Many speak several languages that I unfortunately do not speak. I recently downloaded the latest version of skype and say the new translation button on the bottom right corner above my message. When you click on the icon, it will being up a modal box. In the box, you are asked if you want call, message or both to translate and as it is based on a conversation by conversation basis, I can select what language I speak and what language ...

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Five things to consider when designing your SPFx WebParts

It is easy to get caught up in the end result for functionality with new webparts we build for our organization. For example, I just need a webpart that does (fill in the blank). As a result, we think short-sided and develop exactly what the business asked for. So what’s the issue with this? This becomes an issue when you think about the specific scenarios that the webpart is developed to take into account and after time, you find that your organization has 100 specifically-designed ...

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